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How to Use Omni

(Answers to All Your Questions)

Hey Omni User 👋,

Setup is as easy as it sounds 🤗

While in the Campaign Setup tab during campaign creation, you can perform the following actions:

  • To edit the campaign name, simply update the field where the campaign name is displayed.
  • Choose whether you want to send emails from a single inbox or multiple inboxes.
  • If multiple inboxes, choose all the email accounts that you want the message to go from.
  • Select the phone number from which you want to send the SMS messages.
  • Enable the Unsubscribe option by checking the corresponding checkbox to provide recipients with the ability to opt out from further communication.
  • Decide when to stop the campaign for a lead by choosing the appropriate option from the available choices.

These actions allow you to customise various aspects of your campaign, such as the campaign name, email sending accounts, SMS sender number, unsubscribe option, campaign duration, and tracking of replies.