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How to Use Omni

(Answers to All Your Questions)

Hey Omni User 👋,

For best performance, always tweak your campaign accordingly.

  • Click on "OmniOutreach" in the navigation bar to access the OmniOutreach section. You can also view the performance from the dashboard.
  • Choose the campaign for which you want to see the performance.
  • Navigate to the "Analytics" tab within the selected campaign.

On the Analytics tab, you will find the following options:

  • Channel Type Selection: Select the channel type for which you want to view the performance metrics. You can choose between "Email" or "SMS".
  • Performance Metrics: Once you have selected the channel type, you can view the following performance metrics:

    • Sent: The number of messages that have been sent from the chosen channel.

    • Opened: The number of leads who have opened the messages.

    • Bounced: The number of messages that failed to be delivered (bounced).

    • Replied: The number of leads who have replied to the messages.

  • Overview Report on Sequence Steps: In addition to the performance metrics, you will also find an overview report on each sequence step. This report updates you on the number of messages yet to be sent for each step. It provides a clear indication of the progress and status of your sequence steps within the campaign.

Happy campaigning!