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Close High-Quality
B2B Clients

Create and implement an Omni Channel outreach system that generates more sales from hard to reach prospects.

In just 10 minutes a day.

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The best B2B prospects require consistent follow up across multiple channels in order to close... SMS, Cold Email, Linkedin, Twitter, Phone, Gifts

Omni does this automatically

It's simple...

Create a list of target accounts
Input the company name and URL of your dream clients - this is account based marketing, so aim high.
We write the scripts
Our system uses your inputs to create highly targeted cold emails based on email flows that have already generated over $100 million in leads for businesses like yours.
Add your case studies
Customize our prewritten templates by adding your case studies and results. Fill out a quick form and all of your omni channel scripts are written for you.
Set it and forget it
Our automated outreach tool will send relevant messages to your dream clients across every relevant channel - we tweet, text, leave voicemails, send emails, mail gifts and more with tested (customizable) scripts optimized for each channel, all at a pace you control.
Response Generated
Meeting booked! Once a client responds, outreach is paused and we let you know so you can continue the conversation.

How it works

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Positive Responses & Counting !

Your own personal sales
development rep 🤖

Our custom AI engine provides you with:
  • Customized sales scripts written based on $100m in leads generated 🤖
  • The ability to rewrite any script you like 🔄
  • Automated follow up across multiple channels 🧵
  • Custom outreach and tracking
  • Send thousands of messages to complete personalized
    outreach at scale ✍️
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Fire your sales consultant, Omni asks simple questions and uses your answers and our trained AI to write high converting scripts for Email, SMS, Twitter, Linkedin, Voicemails, Handwritten notes and more.

We Write Your Scripts

We Tell You When to Send

Fire your sales consultant, asks simple questions and uses your answers and our trained AI to write high converting scripts for Email, SMS, Twitter, Linkedin, Voicemails, Handwritten notes and more.

Automatic Pausing

While you’re on vacation in Vegas, our AI will automatically remove interested (or not interested) prospects from your omni channel campaigns so your team can take over and close the deal.


Your entire outreach campaign is tracked so you can optimize for responses across every channel. See clicks from a text message, next to number of voicemails sent, next to email opens and more.

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* 30 days trial and then only $69/month
Check Out Recent Reviews
Phaibion Royal
Managing Director at Royal Energy
Raining cash all over the place!

You’ll be pleased to know that we launched our first cold email campaign targeting commercial solar businesses in Australia today.We’ve delivered 156 emails 58 people opened 13 responded And we booked 5 meetings in 6 hours from 13 responses 40% meeting book rate! 3 calls on Friday, 2 calls on MondayIt’s raining cash all over the place!

OmniOutreach Review
Kristina Brown
Reaching for $100k a month!

That feeling you get when what use to take a month now takes a week closed $15k in sales last week, reaching for $100k a month

Ron Medlin
Founder of Rebel of Growth
50 emails every single day!

For every 40 emails that I write, four will be a positive response, two will become qualified, and one will become a sale of about 5K That means that every single email that I write is worth $125 in sales So if I write a total of 50 emails every single day not including weekends so 20 days of the year I will make $125,000 in sales

Frequently Asked Questions
Join now for $249/month brings you more sales by writing your scripts and automating outreach across multiple channels....
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Handwritten Notes
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Voicemail Drop
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All of the above
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* 30 days trial and then only $69/month

Automated outreach via

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  • Email
  • Text
  • Gifts
  • Handwritten Notes
  • Twitter
  • Voicemail drops
  • LinkedIn
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Backed by FirstPrinciples

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