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How to Use Omni

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Hey Omni User 👋, Spintax in is a bit different, I will be showing the two ways Spintax can be added within an outreach sequence


This is the traditional way (industry standard) of adding spintax, you can variations within the curly brackets, { }. For eg. {Hi | Hello | Hey} accepts the spintax syntax but after saving the sequences, it converts them into a better UI called the OmniSpinTM which I will be talking about below.


We have created a very interactive UI for our users so that those who do not know the industry standard spintax syntax can also benefit from this. To use our OmniSpinTM feature please follow the below steps.

  • Add your content within the sequence and save it first, once completed highlight those words you would like to add OmniSpinTM for
  • Here you will see a button that says, Add OmniSpin.
  • Click on the button and a pop-up appears. Here you can add variations to your highlighted words
  • Once you save your OmniSpinTM you will notice that there is subtle blue background to your highlighted words you added spintax variations to.

Please note:

  • Spintax/ OmniSpinTM can not be added to any custom variables, the system will throw an error.
  • There are no limits to how many variations you can add.