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How to Use Omni

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Hey Omni User 👋,

Do you want to spice things up with some personalisation? 🙄

When adding or editing a script, you have two options to include custom variables:

  • Using {{}}: You can use double curly braces ({{}}) to denote a custom variable within the script. For example, {{firstName}} would represent the custom variable for the lead's first name.
  • Dropdown selection: You can choose a custom variable from the dropdown menu and add it directly to the script. The dropdown will provide you with a list of available custom variables that you have mapped out when uploading the leads.
  • It's important to note the following:

    • Custom variables must be defined and mapped out when uploading the leads to ensure they are available for use in the scripts.

    • Custom variables can be added to all types of channel scripts, allowing you to personalize your interactions across various channels.

By utilising either the {{}} notation or selecting custom variables from the dropdown, you can easily incorporate personalised information into your scripts for a more tailored communication experience.