Marketing Outreach Help Center

How to Use Omni

(Answers to All Your Questions)

Powered by AI, auto-generated scripts makes your campaign setup easy.

  • When creating a new campaign (add a link to “How do I create a new campaign?”), select “auto-generate script” in Choose Campaign type.
    • Fill out Auto generate script form.

      • What do you sell?

        • You need to choose whether you are selling a product or a service.

      • Whom do you sell to?

        • The business that you think is your customer. Choose small businesses if under $2M, mid-market $2M to $10M, enterprises if above $10M

      • Who are you reaching out to?

        • You need to select the designated person you are reaching out to, from Manger to C-Level.

      • Which Department?

        • Select the department that you are reaching out to from the drop-down menu.

      • Business Type?

        • Select the type of business or industry you intend to reach out to.

      • Outreach Methods?

        • Choose the outreach methods, Emails, SMS or both.

      • Please add a minimum of 3 Benefit Statements.

        • You need to add details of the companies that you have worked with to help us draft the campaigns.

      • Please add Case Studies.

        • Add a couple of case studies for the AI to add to the message.

    • Click on Generate Your Scripts to get the sequence all up and ready.