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Hey Omni User 👋,

A private blacklist refers to a list of contacts or domains that an outreach campaign actively avoids reaching out to. It is a self-imposed restriction meant to prevent contacting individuals or organizations that are deemed undesirable or unresponsive.

The purpose of maintaining a private blacklist is typically to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an outreach campaign. It helps to avoid wasting time and resources by excluding contacts that have previously shown no interest, requested not to be contacted, or have been identified as unqualified for the specific outreach effort.

  • Navigate to Settings from the navigation bar.
  • Click on OmniOutreach from the top menu.
  • Click on the Private Blacklist tab.
  • You will have two listings.

    • SPECIFIC EMAILS: You can add an individual email or Import a list of emails to add them to a blacklist

    • ENTIRE DOMAINS: You can add an individual domain or Import a list of domains to add them to a blacklist. All the emails associated with the domains will also be considered for the backlist.

  • To remove it from the blacklist, click on the bin icon.

Happy campaigning!