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How to Use Omni

(Answers to All Your Questions)

Hey Omni User 👋,

  • Click on OmniBox from the Navigation Bar.
  • You can view all the replies or conversations from the campaigns in OmniBox.
  • Search for the desired conversation using the filter from the left-hand filter bar.
  • Key Features of OmniBox:
    • Smart Search: Seamlessly locate specific messages or replies by typing in relevant keywords, enabling swift access to vital information.

    • Status Filtering: Tailor your search with ease using our status filter options. Refine your results based on various statuses such as:

      • All: Access a comprehensive overview of all responses.

      • Unread: Quickly locate messages you haven't yet viewed.

      • Not Replied To: Identify messages that require your response.

    • Date Range: Retrieve conversations and replies by specifying a desired date range.

    • Channel Sorting: This allows you to focus on specific channels.

    • Campaigns: Instantly retrieve information related to a campaign by searching its name.

    • All-Inclusive Inboxes: OmniBox allows you to explore conversations and replies from different senders' email accounts.