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June 12, 2023

How to Write Super-Personalized Cold Emails: The Complete Guide

How to Write Super-Personalized Cold Emails: The Complete Guide

What do you think is the key difference between a good cold email and a spam email? It’s cold email personalization.

Sending a relevant message to your prospect amplifies their chances of booking a meeting or buying your services. And personalization is the best way to get your cold emails noticed.

But does cold email personalization actually work? The answer is a resounding thunderous ‘yes.’

Why Personalize Your Cold Emails?

According to a HubSpot report, 78% of marketers noticed a drastic increase in their email engagement rates after they personalized their emails.

Moreover, with personalization, you will craft cold emails that will

  • Boost  your open and click-through rates,

  • Get more responses,

  • Result in higher customer acquisition,

  • Re-engage bounced-off leads, and

  • Add more sales to the pipeline!

Cold email personalization makes your prospects feel special, valued, and catered to. Personalized emails tell your prospects that you went the extra mile to know about them and their needs, as opposed to generic cold emails, which are automated and mass sent to people to sell.

Besides, with a personalized cold email, you don’t have to worry about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or spam filters. 

What’s GDPR, you ask?

GDPR is a security law that protects people's data related to or living in the European Union. It monitors transparency, fairness, and lawfulness in data handling to ensure responsible data usage.

For cold email campaigns, you usually gather the recipients’ contact information through legitimate means, like previous interactions, publicly available sources, or mutual connections. So, as you already have a prior relationship or relevant connection, you are not violating GDPR by reaching out to them.

In fact, personalized cold emails have a lower risk of being flagged as spam by email filters. Spam filters typically target emails with generic, non-personalized content.

Note: However, it's crucial to remember that while personalized cold emails can minimize these concerns, it doesn't completely eliminate the need to be mindful of data privacy regulations and spam prevention practices.

With a carefully-crafted, well-researched, and tailored email, you are signaling the ISPs that you are reaching someone you already know.

So, how would you write effective cold emails that are personalized? Let’s find out.

The Easiest Personalized Cold Email Hack – Custom First Line

Custom first lines in your cold emails outperform generic emails by 10 times or more. So, personalization is not just about keeping the spam filters away but is essential for improving your cold email campaigns in general.

While it is true that you could take this further and write all the emails entirely by yourself, it is not sustainable in the long term if you wish to increase the number of cold emails you send in a day. 

You will then have to spend hours writing each email from scratch – an impossible feat if you want to send 100 or even more emails daily.

Instead, you can write a persuasive email template and customize the first line of each of your emails to address a specific prospect directly.

Wondering how to write super-amazing custom first lines? According to our tests, compliments work the best. 

People love compliments. They are the perfect ice-breakers and a great way to start a conversation with your prospects. 

Compliments empower you to take a super-personalized approach in your emails, making your prospects feel special and heard. The more specific and unique your compliment is, the greater your chances of getting a response from them.

Eager to know more? Here’s a million-dollar email template straight from the pages of “Cold Email Manifesto,” an Amazon bestseller.

Here you can see the parts of the cold email, like 

  • A subject line that sparks curiosity, 

  • A custom email first line which is a deliberate compliment to win the attention of the reader,

  • A one-line case study that talks about past achievements, and

  • A clear call to action.

Succinct and personalized emails like this are a sure-shot way to get your prospects interested and generate a response without coming across as a spammer.

But where would you find such cool information about your leads? 

LinkedIn is a great place to start from.

A social media platform designed specifically for businesses, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of information. People share all their significant professional achievements on the platform. 

One quick look at their profile will help you come up with a common ground or a compliment to start your email. You can easily find all your valuable information from their bio and the featured section and know about their achievements from their posts. It’s just a matter of a few clicks.

However, it may happen that you don’t find anything substantial for your custom first line on LinkedIn. 

In that case, you could find the company or the business your lead is associated with on Google and congratulate them on its recent developments and achievements.

Make sure to keep an eye on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook because it has two-fold benefits:

        1. You can fetch their contact information directly from these platforms; and


       2. You can easily get all the updates you need for your personalized email first line.

Besides the social media platforms and Google, you could also leverage platforms like Glassdoor or Crunchbase to know about the major company updates and news.

Pro tip

Always reach out to the decision-maker of a business as

  • It helps you tailor your message to the unique needs of the business,

  • You reach out to the most important person in the business; and

  • You increase the chance of booking a meeting or closing a deal.

Now that you have all the juicy information on your lead, how would you compose the first line? Let’s have a look at an example.

What does a custom first line of a cold email look like?

Say, you want to reach out to Mark, the VP of Marketing of Company X. You look them up on LinkedIn and learn that Company X has recently been featured on the news for being the most in-demand media agency on the East Coast.

So, you can compose the first line of your email to Mark as:

Hey Mark,

Huge fan of Company X – saw the recent feature on [insert the name of the print media/ news channel], and I knew I had to reach out. 

Or, you could also take a different approach like

Hey Mark,

Been following your story for a while and finally checked your LinkedIn. Super-impressed that Company X is now the most in-demand media agency on the East Coast! Epic!

Yes, it’s that simple! Customizing the first line of your email doesn’t have to be rocket science.

It’s much like how you’d approach someone at your conference, wherein you keep your message short and get to the crux of the matter fast. 

And that’s it! You now have a winning formula to write cold emails that get responses!

But here’s the truth. Even though the custom first lines will inch you closer to getting an action from your lead, it isn’t something that will persuade them to open the email.

So, what’s the secret to getting your leads to open your cold email?

Yes, you guessed right – it’s a convincing email subject line!

What can an email subject line do for me?

No matter what you do, your prospects will judge your cold emails by the subject lines. 

A compelling email subject line shoulders the most important responsibility – to get your prospect's attention. Being the first point of contact, email subject lines are a marketer’s pass for making a solid impression in a crowded inbox.

And what’s the secret sauce to getting your emails opened? Drum roll, please – it’s personalization!

Personalization works like magic for cold emails. And rightfully so, because none of your leads are the same. It makes your leads feel special like they are being approached exclusively.

And when you add a tinge of curiosity in your email subject lines, you have all the right ingredients to make your cold emails stand out from the clutter.

Adding a sense of mystery to your email subject lines means your prospects have to click on your email to unravel the entire story, resulting in a higher email open rate. 

However, ensure that you stay true to your brand and motive and that there is a clear connection between your subject line and your message. Being too fancy may lead to lower engagement rates and bounced-off leads, ultimately triggering the spam police.

But don’t worry; we got you covered. Here are a few email subject lines that you can use for your cold email campaigns:

Quick question

{name}, quick question

Quick question {company name}

Free ideas


Something for you {{firstName}}

{{Connection}} recommended I get in touch with you


Exclusive invite {{firstName}}

Interview invite

I've got a story for you

Your story

love your work {{firstName}}

Business Partnership: {{companyName}} and [Your Company]

Invitation to the closed group for growth marketers

I was born to work with {!Company}

Liked your post on LinkedIn

Liked your #recruitment content on LinkedIn

quick question about {{business name}}

Heard you like dogs

Bonus tip Nail your cold email campaigns by adding a P.S. note

Adding a P.S. note doubles up your chances of getting your message across to your leads, even if they miss the email body. 

Besides, it is valuable real estate to add more custom elements to your cold emails. It is an informal way to let your prospects know you’ve taken the time and effort to know about them – giving your emails the most sought-after edge.

However, ensure you don’t make your P.S. notes sales pitches. They aren’t really the place for pushing your sales message but to find some common ground – a way to keep you in their mind so that they respond to your emails or take the desired action.

Here are a few sample P.S. notes that you can start with:

  • “Saw your tweet this morning. Looks like you had a blast at the [conference name]. Shame that I missed it!”

  • “Congratulations on [recent company news]. How did you manage to do so much in such little time?!”

  • “Checked out the annual growth report of your company – awesome work!”

But be extra cautious in not stating the obvious in your P.S. notes. 

Avoid using the same sentences others use in their emails, and you will appear more genuine to your leads. Finding a unique angle about your prospect always helps, as you can use it to establish an association with them.

For instance, you could talk about:

  • A recent social media post they shared on their company culture

  • A case study they published about boosting sales for one of their clients

  • Their latest webinar or podcast where they shared their view of the market trends.

Putting a lesser-used approach to good use in your cold emails helps break the ice and gives you the advantage of sealing sales deals with your leads.

The Cold Email Template that Made Me $29K

Finally, the thing you’ve been long waiting for - the ultimate cold email template that helped me generate $29000 in revenue. So, without much further ado, let’s get straight into it.

This email has all the necessary ingredients to elicit an action from its recipient:

        1. A catchy email subject line,

        2. A first-line compliment,

       3. The way we can help our prospect,

       4. A clear call to action; and

       5. An email signature.

Emails like these help your prospects get all the necessary information in just a single email. You make them feel you understand their business, the associated challenges, and how to help them sail through those problems.

Your prospects get flooded by tons of emails every day. Sending an email that is short and simple but packs a punch with value helps you stand out from the herd.

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