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May 19, 2023

Top 7 Actionable Strategies to Generate B2B Leads in 2023

Top 7 Actionable Strategies to Generate B2B Leads in 2023

Want to grow your agency or SaaS company to $10,000/month? B2B lead generation is your golden ticket to massive growth.


Effective B2B lead generation is the key to getting high-quality, verified leads in your target market. Having a lead generation strategy laid out helps you to

  • Outpace your competition,
  • Nurture your leads,
  • Close more sales pipelines, and
  • Drive your MRR.

In short, generating B2B leads helps you close deals faster.

But what's the best way to generate B2B leads? How do you persuade your prospects before you even make your sales pitch?

Several battle-tested lead generation campaigns suggest that a personalized approach always clicks. When you genuinely focus on your leads with a personalized intro, custom images, etc., you are letting them know that you understand their needs and struggles – helping you increase your email open rates and, ultimately, your chances of conversion.

Want to know more about how to write tailored emails? Check out our super-cool guide here.

But what about the other not-so-classic techniques? How do you ensure you keep generating B2B leads month after month and maximize your ROI? 

Well, we got you covered. In this blog, we will talk in detail about a few effective lead-generation strategies you can leverage to climb up the ranks in your niche.

Stand out from the clutter with these 7 B2B lead-generation strategies

1. Product Market Fit

Researching product market fit is the first step in your lead generation journey. It helps you tailor your product better and come up with a customized offer for your target market.

You can craft a compelling offer by asking yourself a few questions like

  • Do people want your product?
  • Are you priced competitively on the market?
  • Is there a market that you are going after?

This exercise helps you understand the void in the market and, hence, develop a more in-demand solution for a broader client base. 

Let’s assume you are a developer and want to scale further in your niche. You can consider starting with the more intricate backend work because the front-end market is overcrowded. Or you can also opt for blockchain development which requires the same skills as a web developer (well, almost) but is a hot market. So, it's going to get you paid more.

Cold emails can help you fetch this data easily by reaching out to your prospects and understanding their buyer persona. You can then work on your business offer and deliver more value with your product or service.

Make sure to check that what you are selling has a product-market fit to give yourself the scope of exponential growth.

2. Targeted Outbound Cold Email Campaigns

Now that you've got a product you want to sell, the best way to get that product to people is via a targeted cold email campaign. You can earn tens of thousands or even millions of dollars with cold emails and hundreds of millions of dollars in leads generated in just two simple steps:

  • Compose your product or service in a way that intrigues prospects, and
  • Pitch it to people who want to buy it.

And that’s it! You are all set. 

Interested buyers are looking for solutions to their problems, and if you are reaching out to them directly, that's more than half the battle won.

Eventually, your prospects will start getting back to you, and within a few weeks or even days, you can start selling your offer.

A targeted outbound cold email campaign is your cheat sheet to reach prospects faster and filter out your ideal clients as leads.

3. Lead Quality

Mastering cold emails is a superpower, for sure. But several factors are responsible for a cold email campaign’s success, such as

  • The lead quality,
  • The source of the leads, and
  • Whether those leads are from a verified database

Sure, you can buy them off any platform or find them manually. But the more verified and proven your leads are, the bigger your chances are of reaching your targeted recipient.

Contrary to popular belief, lead generation is not just about gathering leads but ensuring that the leads are high-quality, verified, and filtered to meet your requirements. So, sending cold emails without a vetted lead list is like shooting in the dark – you risk exhausting all your resources and efforts minus any ROI.

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4. Frequency of Outreach

You don't want to set off on the wrong foot by being too salesy or pushy in your outreach, right? That's why it's essential that you optimize the frequency of your emails.

Sending the right number of emails at the right time not only increases your chances of getting responses but also helps you to avoid spam filters. So, scheduling your emails and balancing out your sends protects your sender reputation and improves your deliverability rate, besides getting you results.

Warm up your email domain before starting cold email campaigns and gradually increase the sending volume. This way, you will maintain a high deliverability rate without sending too many sales emails to your prospects. 

With Omni, you get the bonus of getting 100 inboxes right when you sign up. So, even when you send 30 emails per day per inbox, you are sending out 3000 emails daily, helping you maximize your outreach without triggering the spam filters.

However, before sending out cold emails, ensure that your email scripts are mastered with persuasive copy and written for your target audience.

5. Personalizing Your Emails

People want to be heard all the time. 

Your prospects will never appreciate a generic approach, something that most marketers do by sending them the same email template. Instead, they always appreciate a highly personalized email that makes them feel you took all the time and effort to write a specific email.


Customizing first lines, establishing a common ground, and making the pitch tailored to fit the buyers are winning techniques that will always help you elicit a guaranteed response. 

Personalizing emails is one of the best ways to generate B2B leads and establish long-term relationships with your clients. Have a main script ready and experiment with the subject line to ensure high open rates.

This way, you will soon have an email script generating the highest response, after which you can safely increase the email send volume. 

6. Cold Email Content

Nothing can beat a well-written and compelling email.

Emails are the most effective way to get your recipient's attention because they are direct messages sent from you to your prospect. And they are super-effective too.

Close to 79% of B2B marketers have found success in using emails for their content distribution. In fact, B2B marketing emails have a whopping 23% higher click-to-open ratio than their B2C counterparts! [Source]

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Great emails help you generate brand awareness and recall value, helping you nudge your prospects further down the sales funnel.

So, write conversational emails with the approach that your prospect is sitting right across the table from you. 

And start small. You don't want to go all guns blazing in the very first email. But don’t miss out on letting your prospects know about the product value upfront.

Also, to boost the engagement rates, leverage the 3Cs of emails

  • Compliment,
  • Case Studies, and
  • Call-to-Action.  

Thus keeping the emails succinct, actionable, and direct helps prospects take the desired action without confusing them with information overload.

7. Adding Interactive Content

Give your prospects an interactive reading experience through your emails. While those PDFs and whitepapers do help in adding credibility to your offer, there is nothing like a good image, a gif, or a meme that can add color to your emails.

When you include interactive content like vibrant visuals, media, and gifs in your emails, you build a rapport with your prospects and infuse life into your emails. 

So, by adding them to your email body, you give your readers that extra push to read your emails and even respond to you.

Summing Up

Lead generation is not among the most glamorous things in business, but it's essential for your business growth. Without actionable B2B lead generation strategies, you won't be able to scale your business organically or grow your client base.

Besides, generating B2B leads is a win-win for both the marketers and the customers because:

  • Customers prefer to be contacted by businesses through emails,
  • Sales reps get rich insights about their prospects that help them to keep polishing their outreach strategy,
  • Businesses get increased sales opportunities with newer sales pipelines that maintain a steady cash flow; and
  • Immediate recognition of your marketing efforts through conversions.

So, buckle up and get yourself a warm, bubbling pile of leads to keep your cash registers ringing all the time.

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