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May 20, 2023

Don't Land in the Spam Box, Ever (Email Warmup Tools & Tips Inside)

Don't Land in the Spam Box, Ever (Email Warmup Tools & Tips Inside)

Cold emails are the secret ingredient in your recipe for outreach success. But you can’t just keep sending a thousand emails without risking your domain reputation.

Sure, you have a great email outreach campaign planned out with compelling subject lines and customized first lines. But none of these will matter if your emails aren’t reaching the inboxes of your potential customers.

Even though email deliverability depends on a bunch of factors, the most important of them all is your sending reputation. That’s when email warmups come into the picture.

What’s Email Warmup, and Why the Hype?

Let’s assume a real-life scenario. Say you have a cold email campaign planned for your new SaaS product. You send 400 emails/ day to your leads. But nothing happens. You don’t hear back.
On investigation, your email deliverability tool tells you they have been landing in your prospects’ spam boxes all this while! 

Low engagement rates in emails trigger the spam police and risk your domain reputation. You could even be blacklisted!

And that’s the biggest danger of outreach - the spam box. Accounts get blacklisted if they keep sending a large number of emails without getting the optimal response rate because ESPs identify you as a spammer.

Email warmup is then your knight in shining armor. 

It stops your emails from getting marked as spam and sends and responds to emails automatically to force you into the primary inbox. With email warmup, you increase the chances of your prospects receiving and responding to your emails.

Email warmup helps you avoid the spam box by:

  • Boosting your sender reputation to ESPs (Email Service Providers),

  • Improving your deliverability rate, and

  • Ramping up the sending limit.

An effective email warmup strategy helps you to gradually increase your email sends per day without triggering the spam filters. ESPs are now extra tough on accounts while assessing their reputation. They keep a tab on your email open rates, response rates, and reactions – whether your emails are being marked important, ignored, deleted, or sent to spam.

In other words, ESPs see if you are giving enough value to your recipients through your emails.

And the easiest way to maintain a positive sender reputation is to set up automated warmups.

Want to know more about email warmup? You can check out this blog.

Trick Spam Filters Like a Pro with Email Warmup Tools

Email warmup tools help you establish an inbox reputation over time by helping you get through ESPs with automation.

Sure, you can warm up your email manually, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Besides, the technical side of email warmups is often complicated too.

So, to save all the hassles and time, you can opt for email warmup tools that automate the entire process.

Automated email warmup tools send and receive emails using AI-generated text and move emails from spam to primary automatically to boost domain reputation. These automated tools are super-easy to start with and run on autopilot, so you can just set it up and forget it.

There are a bunch of automated email warmup tools on the market that will make warming up your domain a whole lot easier. But which one fits your bill the most?

Your Defense Mechanism - Omniwarm

Omniwarm is our brainchild. After using different tools for years, we developed Omniwarm (a sub-product of Omni) and put our expertise into it so that you can boost your email deliverability and close more sales deals.

Omniwarm is the simplest and the most useful IP warming tool on the market today.

The reason why we make such a bold statement is Omniwarm helps you trick the spam filters into thinking that you are the king of cold emails because of your high email engagement rates, thus landing your emails in the primary inbox every time. 

But how does Omniwarm ensure an optimum response rate?

Omniwarm leverages its community for your email warmups. It automatically sends emails from one person to another in the Omni community with a calculated reply rate of 65%, helping you get an optimal response rate.

Real conversations happen between people through Omniwarm. As a result, ESPs can’t ever detect you as a spammer because you are conversing with people and getting responses from them every time.

Omniwarm’s mechanism helps your email inboxes get a calculated reply rate and send the right number of emails, proven to keep you away from the spam folder in our testing. It will save your inboxes if they are in spam and prevent them from going into spam, helping you max out your cold email campaigns without a worry in the world.

Moreover, our trained AI writes your email scripts for you, helping you swap words in your emails frequently so that you send unique emails every single time. So, with Omniwarm, you 2x your chances to avoid the spam box and keep making money with cold emails.

Omniwarm helps you supercharge your email deliverability with AI that curates the right strategy for warming up your inboxes. So, with Omniwarm, you can now just hit “go” while we handle your email warmups for you.

Features of Omniwarm

Omniwarm is the best and the most effective email warmup tool on the market, as it helps you to

  • Warmup unlimited inboxes,

  • Send the optimal number of emails,

  • Get a calculated number of responses,

  • Get ultimate inbox placement,

  • Send highly customized emails, and

  • Maintain a positive sender reputation throughout by having real conversations with people in our community. ESPs won’t be able to blacklist your account because, through Omniwarm, you are conversing back and forth with thousands of people every month.

Force your cold emails into the primary inbox every time with Omniwarm.

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Setting up your Omniwarm Account

To start with Omniwarm, you need to have an Omni account. Signing up with Omni just takes a minute.

All you have to do is to create your account with Omni, verify it, and connect your email provider. Then on the Omni dashboard, click on the Omniwarm tab, and activate Omniwarm.

Yep! It’s that easy. Just a few clicks, and you are good to go.

P.S. Everyone who signs up for outreach gets Omniwarm by default.


Monitoring the deliverability score

As soon as you activate Omniwarm, stats appear on the charts to help you understand how many of your emails landed in the inbox. Usually, it takes around two weeks for all your responses to be in the inbox and ready up your domain for cold emailing.

Simple. Powerful. Game-changing.


Omniwarm comes with a two-in-one benefit. For just $39 a month ($390/ year), you can have your email warmups and cold email campaigns all in one place.

And that’s not all. You even get unlimited inboxes, which means you get inbox placement, guaranteed.

The biggest danger of outreach campaigns is the spam box. That’s why we clubbed Omni Outreach and Omniwarm together – at a single price point.

Besides, you can try Omniwarm for free for 7 days too.

Wrapping up

Warming up your inbox helps maximize your cold email campaigns as it actively works to optimize your email deliverability. Without a warmed-up inbox, your outreach efforts will amount to zero because ESPs will identify you as a spammer.

With Omniwarm, you can always stay in the green because you only send the exact number of emails and responses that have been proven to avoid the spam box and warm up as many inboxes as you want. And let our AI do everything for you!

Want to check out Omniwarm? Visit: and get started with our free trial now.

As a bonus, we are giving you access to unlimited inboxes and unlimited sends as part of our free trial so that you test the waters before committing.

Email warmup couldn’t get much easier and safer than this. So, invest in Omniwarm and boost your open, reply, and click rates.

Unleash your inner cold email ninja.

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